Michael Gerard "Mike" Tyson (born June 30 1966), also known as Malik Abdul Aziz, is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 2005. He held the undisputed heavyweight champion and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win the WBA, WBC and IBF heavyweight titles at 20 years, 4 months and 22 days old.

Early life


Amateur Boxing

Rise to Stardom

Undisputed Champion

Controversy and Upset

After Douglas

Rape Conviction, Prison and Conversion


Tyson-Holyfield Fights

Tyson vs. Holyfield I

Tyson vs. Holyfield II and Aftermath

1999 to 2005

After Holyfield

Lewis vs. Tyson

Late career, bankruptcy and retirement

Exhibition Tour


After Professional Boxing

Personal life

In popular culture

Professional Boxing Record 

Titles in Boxing

Pay-per-view Bouts

Awards and Honors


Professional Wrestling